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Rent motorbikes Saigon? 

By far the best way to get around Saigon, motorbikes are an essential part of the Vietnamese experience! Whether you prefer a scooter or moped , automatic or manual, we can provide a motorcycles ideally suited to your needs in rent. All our bikes are regularly maintained and in excellent condition. We provide home-delivery, emergency repair and bike replacement, and regular maintenance at NO EXTRA CHARGE.


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wave alphaThe Wave Alpha is one of the most popular motorbikes in Vietnam today. Extremely reliable and fuel-efficient, it features an electric starter, semi-automatic transmission (you shift with your foot but there's no clutch), 100 cc, 4-stroke engine, and front and rear drum brakes. A seat height of 760 mm means that even shorter riders can ride without difficulty.
wave rsThe Wave S and RS are identical to the Wave Alpha but have a slightly larger body for larger riders as well as wider tires for better handling.

The Honda Wave series of semi-automatic motorbikes is ubiquitous on the roads of Vietnam. Strong, light, and extremely reliable, these vehicles are a mainstay of Vietnamese road transportation. The RSX 110 is a deluxe version, featuring a larger, air-cooled, 110cc engine and a larger under-seat storage space than previous models.

Nouvo 3 WITH TEXTBy far the most popular sport-style scooter in Vietnam, the Yamaha Nouvo features a specially developed rigid, underbone frame which gives it a moped-like ride and good handling performance but also the same level of comfort as a scooter(motorcycle) . The Nouvo 3 features an automatic transmission, 115 cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine, and front disc brakes (rear drum). Also, has a large storage space beneath the seat.
Nouvo LX WITH TEXTFast and maneuverable, the Yamaha Nouvo LX is the most powerful model in the highly popular Nouvo series. For the LX, Yamaha increased the engine displacement from 115cc to 135cc. The engine cylinder and piston are now made from lighter die-cast aluminum, giving the LX a vastly improved power-to-weight ratio and reducing engine overheating.
AirbladeSmooth, quiet, reliable, and fuel-efficient, the Airblade is Honda's answer to the Nouvo. At 115cc, the Airblade has a slightly smaller displacement than the Nouvo 4 but more than makes up for it with its cushiony suspension and agile handling.
SCRIn Vietnam's motorbike-based transportation fleet, the SCR occupies roughly the same niche as the family mini-van in North America. With its wide, comfortable seat and step-through design, this is the bike you want when you're driving your kids to school or bringing groceries home. Has by far the biggest underseat storage space of any bike on the road in Vietnam with enough room for a laptop and a couple of helmets.
classicoThe Mio Classico features the same engine as the Nouvo 3 in a smaller frame with an elegant, retro, Vespa-style appearance. The Classico is ideal for smaller riders, with a seat height of 745 mm and a dry weight of only 90 kg. Like the Nouvo, it features an automatic transmission, 115 cc, 4-stroke engine as well as front disc brakes.
Attila Victoria WITH TEXTSuccessor to the hugely popular Attila Bullet, the Attila Victoria features sportier styling, a more powerful engine, improved carburetor, and front disc brakes.
images/Elizabeth WITH TEXT.jpgWith its elegant, European styling, the Attila Elizabeth is one of the most popular step-through scooters in Vietnam. Extra wide, tubeless tires make for smooth riding even on the Saigon streets while a large compartment under the seat provides plenty of storage space.
images/SYM Excel II WITH TEXT.jpgStrong and reliable, the SYM Excel 2 is great for larger riders who need a little more leg space. Features large, wide tires for a comfortable ride and a 150 cc engine for powerful acceleration. Also has an extra large storage compartment beneath the seat.